Better Representation

Consumer and purchaser voices are critical to conversations about health care delivery, payment, and measurement. The Consumer-Purchaser Alliance works to identify the common interests of consumers and purchasers and amplify those shared beliefs with policymakers, providers, health plans, and other players.

The Consumer-Purchaser Alliance plays a vital role ensuring consumers and purchasers are represented on the various decision-making bodies that develop, endorse, and implement performance measures. We not only make sure these bodies, like the National Quality Forum, have consumers and purchasers as active participants, but work to ensure these representatives are well informed and well prepared to present the consumer-purchaser point of view.

We also help amplify the consumer and purchaser voice by getting multiple organizations to sign on to comments about pending regulations, or provide input about federal programs. There is strength in numbers, as the Consumer-Purchaser Alliance demonstrated when it rallied support (in the face of significant opposition) for ensuring that patient-experience ratings plays a significant role in how CMS calculates hospitals’ bonus payments under the Hospital Value-Based Purchaser Program.

In the past--and continuing in the future--CP Alliance has nominated and supported many decision-making bodies, including:

  • NQF Board of Directors
  • NQF Measure Applications Process (MAP) Coordinating Committee and workgroups
  • NQF Measure endorsement steering committees
  • NQF Consensus Standards Approval Committee (CSAC)
  • Health Information Technology Standards Committee (HITSC)
  • Health Information Technology Policy Committee (HITPC)
  • The AQA alliance
  • The Quality Alliance Steering Committee

In 2012 alone, CP Alliance also participated in meetings with the White House, CCIIO, and CMS on health insurance marketplaces and ACOs.