Our Impact

Our Impact
With more than 60 partners—including the most powerful consumer advocacy organizations in the country, Fortune 500 employers, and some of the nation’s largest labor unions—CP Alliance has had a significant impact by advocating for better information about the cost, quality, and patient-centeredness of our health care system. We believe that better information will lead to better decisions by consumers, purchasers, providers and payers, which ultimately will lead to better health.


Better Information
CP Alliance has had a strong impact on what performance information is collected and how it is made available. For example:

National Quality Forum (NQF)

  • Served as a catalyst for a new NQF policy requiring endorsed measures to be publicly reported within two years (or lose endorsement status).
  • Significantly influenced the revision of NQF’s Measure Evaluation Criteria to ensure that they address consumer and purchaser concerns:
    • Clarified that the purpose of NQF endorsement is for accountability—public reporting and provider incentives—as well as quality improvement.
    • Successfully advocated for “importance to measure” to be a “must pass” criterion.
    • Stressed the need for measures of outcomes and care coordination.
“The Consumer-Purchaser input into the deliberations of the NQF has been a positive and constructive one, through the efforts of the Consumer-Purchaser Alliance to ensure that the views expressed are thoughtful, reasoned, and respectful of the varied interests of the NQF Board membership.  As a result, the voice of purchasers and the concerns of patients and their families have become a more critical part of the Board’s deliberations.” Dolores Mitchell, Executive Director Group Insurance Commission
  • Measure Applications Partnership (MAP):
    • Successfully advocated that 30% of the seats on the MAP Coordinating Committee and workgroups be designated for consumers and purchasers, and successfully filled those seats.
    • Successfully encouraged the MAP Coordinating Committee to stress the importance of alignment of measures across the public and private sectors.
    • Shaped the MAP Coordinating Committee’s emphasis on the urgent need to fill the gaps in performance measurement.
  • Influenced the availability and use of measures from better sources of performance data—electronic health records, registries, and enhanced claims data (e.g., lab, pharmacy)—as a priority for endorsement by NQF.
    • Advocated for 70 measures that were eventually endorsed through the NQF Clinically Enriched Administrative Claims Measures project.
    • Without our involvement, the NQF Laboratory Medicine for Patient Safety Preferred Practices (2009) would not have referenced the integral use of HIT.

“The Consumer-Purchaser Alliance’s work has helped greatly to amplify consumer voices in areas that are important to patients and families—like coordination and experience of care. It has been instrumental in making sure measures that matter to consumers and employers are part of the MAP’s recommendations.” Joyce Dubow, Principal, Health Policy and Strategy at AARP


HIT Policy Committee, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

  • Substantially shifted definition of “meaningful use” to focus on demonstration of improved health via performance measures.
  • Successfully advocated for strong, patient-centered measures of meaningful use requirements for 2011 against significant backlash from other stakeholders.


Hospital Quality Alliance

  • CP Alliance was instrumental in getting measures approved that would have otherwise not made it out of the Measurement Workgroup:
    • In December 2009 and March 2010, negotiated approval of seven measures that would not have been adopted by HQA if not for our advocacy.
    • Funneled HQA interest in developing an advocacy agenda for reform to Stand for Quality, a coalition with a better balance of consumer, purchaser and provider interests.
Institute of Medicine (IOM)’s Committee on Comparative Effectiveness Priorities, created under ARRA.
  • Increased the number of consumer representatives on this committee.


Better Decisions

Paying for Value

  • Persuaded CMS to maintain patient experience as 30% of the performance rating in the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program despite strong opposition from other stakeholders.
  • Convinced CMS to reduce bureaucracy and limitations of the Medicare data release rules, enabling qualified entities easier and less expensive access to the datasets.
  • Convinced CMS to adopt four outcome measures and two total cost of care measures that will be required for all participants in the physician value modifier.

“The Consumer-Purchaser Alliance has helped unions and businesses—not always natural partners in the past—find a common voice in advocating for higher value health care, encouraging government agencies to get on the same page as well.” Betsy Gilbertson, Chief of Strategy, UNITE HERE HEALTH


National Health Care Reform

  • Informed the Obama Administration’s view of health care initiatives via relationships with White House Office of Health Reform and the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • CP Alliance educational materials were used as a resource during reform discussions. For example, Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus’s Call to Action: Health Reform 2009 included reference to our “Building Health Care Value by Providing Consumers with Better Information to Make Good Decisions.”

  • Worked with Bush Administration to implement Four Cornerstones of Value-Driven Health Care and mobilized private employers to collaborate with public initiatives.

“We really look for the Consumer-Purchaser Alliance’s comments when we propose a new regulation. They give us a fresh way to see the impact on the people who pay for care and get care and we know they always reflect a wide array of purchaser and consumer advocates.” Patrick Conway, CMS Chief Medical Officer and Director, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality


Patient Charter
  • Authored and successfully engaged consumer, purchasers, physicians, and health plans to adopt national Patient Charter for Physician Performance Measurement Reporting and Tiering Program, which promotes a balanced approach to assuring validity of physician measurement efforts without unduly impeding their expansion.
    • Launched in April 2007 with support from 42 organizations.
    • Supported regional roll-outs in Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Maryland and Maine.
    • A groundbreaking accomplishment, the Patient Charter was reported on by three major publications:
    • Click here for statements of support for the Patient Charter by AARP, Aetna, Cigna HealthCare, and Wellpoint.
“This was a significant step forward in the history of value-based purchasing, and it would not have happened without CP Alliance’s tireless efforts to bridge the parties.” Andrew Webber, President & Chief Executive Officer, National Business Coalition on Health


National Priority Partners

  • Effectively advocated for the National Priority Partners’ priorities to reflect a consumer-centric perspective (e.g., consumer engagement, patient safety, care coordination).


CP Alliance’s reach is greatly extended by its partner-advocates. Since our inaugural year, we have nominated over a hundred consumer and purchaser representatives to decision-making bodies with a very high acceptance rate. In 2012 alone, CP Alliance:
  • Nominated 43 advocates to participate in over 30 new and existing decision-making bodies;
  • Thirty-two of the advocates CP Alliance nominated were accepted, a successful placement rate of 74%; and
  • Seventeen of the advocates selected to serve are first-time recruits for CP Alliance.
CP Alliance also successfully nominated consumers and purchasers to the HIT Policy Committee; this committee is responsible for shaping the implementation of meaningful use.

Our collaboration with partner-advocates extends far beyond nominations. We have supported and/or provided guidance to over thirty decision-making bodies including AQA and Workgroups, HQA and workgroups, MAP committee and workgroups, the NQF Board, CSAC and Steering Committees, QASC and workgroups, HIT Policy committee and workgroups, AMA-PCPI Consumer-Purchaser Panel and workgroups.

“Because of CP Alliance organizing and providing support, my understanding of the issues markedly improved and the extent to which I was a more informed and active participant on NQF Steering Committee discussions was a difference of 'night and day' from my previous experience." Dave Knowlton, President and CEO, New Jersey Health Care Quality Initiative