About CP Alliance

The Consumer-Purchaser Alliance is a collaboration of leading consumer, employer and labor groups working together to promote the use of performance measurement in health care to inform consumer choice, value-based purchasing, and payment. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, along with support from participating organizations, we envision a future in which we have meaningful and useful measures of performance – clinical and patient reported outcomes, coordination of care across the health system, affordability and patient experience – and that information is used by consumers to make informed choices about their health care, by purchasers to make good decisions about the health benefits they offer, and by physicians, hospitals and other health care providers to continuously improve the care they deliver. The result of this effective use of measurement is a system that delivers top quality, affordable care. Our mission is to strengthen the voice of consumers and purchasers in the quest for higher quality, more affordable health care.

Specifically, we advocate for higher quality, more affordable, patient-centered health care on behalf of consumers—those who get care—and purchasers—those who pay for care.