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UK Cloud Hosted Product Solutions

UK Cloud Hosted Product Solutions

There is a new UK cloud hosted product solutions that cover a number of key company business functions  Human Resources (HR), the management and control of Contracts for both suppliers and customers, company expenses, and the conversion and storage of a wide range of company documentation in a simple document management system.

Each system features the intuitive colour icon interface that has proved popular with current client users. Ease of system use is key for any system, to ensure that all users, irrespective of experience with screen based systems, find the functionality useable. Each solution is tailored with roles and permissions for all users to ensure they have only the key functionality they require.

Being UK private cloud hosted means that customers do not have software or storage overheads or costs for their solution to be concerned about – it provides all this as part of the monthly service. Users simply get secure access to the system via a shortcut on their screen.

The solutions work on a wide variety of devices from PC, to lap top, to net book and tablet. There is also access to some functions on smart phones e.g. approval tasks, if relevant. So as long as you have internet access, the system can be accessed anywhere, at any time, meeting the ever more mobile workforce needs. Communication to users of any allocated tasks, is carried out via email, with a daily reminder as to any outstanding ones.

Main systems will always go through a detailed System Specification stage that will confirm what functionality and customisation to the software will be delivered, which client signs off. A test version of the system will then be supplied to client for their own testing before a go live date is agreed. For anybody who is looking at additional information concerning
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All main product systems follow the same pricing structure  a low set up cost that includes customisation of workflows, reports, and the inclusion of client logos where relevant. Training for customers is via videos recorded using an approved test version. Customer Support is all via a separate web portal and importantly includes a number of hours of useable time that clients can use for any purpose, including small system changes.

Major system changes required after system go live are handled under Change Management, detailing the specification of the solution development and cost in advance of production.

Behind the ‘tablet’ interface that the system uses, is a very powerful Records Management system, that means that the range of products and customised solutions B2B will be able to offer will continue to increase.