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Purchase Order Systems

Using a Cloud based system the business eliminates
the need to release software application to users

Electronic PO System

A digital Purchase Order system can offer the much enhanced controls needed in today’s business world

Cloud System

A cloud based purchase order system removes the requirement for in-house server equipment and an IT team

Intuitive PO System

Simplicity may hide a great deal of complexity. Software does not need to look complicated to be complicated

The Benefits Of A Cloud System

There are significant benefits of combining the supplier Billing process with the buying system. It means you manage the whole purchasing cycle in a single system, with the ability to make the PO centric to all supporting files consisting of the inevitable supplier invoice. By doing so, the system should then allow the export of approved invoices (and PO’s) as a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet that can be imported into an accounts system like SAGE.

Digital PO System

Did you know that up to 70% of a company’s revenue is used on purchases? Maybe the purchasing system is even now paper based, with appropriations sitting in people’s out trays, waiting for them to ‘arise’ for authorisation – just to find that the Managing director has to sign it off because of its worth and he or she is on leave!